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Healthy People 2020 National Health Goals Draft Model (pdf)

Healthy People 2010 National Health Goals and Objectives (2020 page)

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Continuing Education Self-Study Course

Healthy People 2020: Be Ready to Use it

Continuing Education Self-study Course with 5.0 hours of reading assignments and audio files (mp3). Take the 16-question TF, multiple choice and short answer post-test. ($25, for 5 credit hours, click here to view Fees (refundable) and Register)

  • Easy and convenient, no deadline to start or complete, study when and where you prefer
  • Study Guide: key document to help you efficiently complete the course. Includes instructions, objectives, assignments, helpful hints, (PDF)
  • Goal: The goal is to prepare health professionals to be resource persons (provide training, serve as expert consultants) with Healthy People 2020 as a strategy resource.
  • Objectives:
    • Describe the Healthy People 2020 processes for improving health
    • Explain the purpose of the Consortium and how to join
    • List meetings of the DHHS Secretary’s Advisory Committee
    • Describe how people helped set national goals and objectives at public meetings
    • State topics and content of public comments
    • Describe the methods used to develop recommendations; historical context; and proposed elements for the Healthy People 2020 framework
    • Explain how the online resources can be used to find recommended evidence-based actions and strategies  
    • Define evidence-based public health practice
    • Explain prioritization criteria (qualitative, quantitative) for selecting and sorting objectives
    • Explain the determinants of health and Action Model
    • Share the recommendations for implementing Healthy People 2020
  • NCHEC Participant Course Evaluation Summary (PDF, from social marketing self-study course)
    • Overall Quality of Course: 4.8 (1 = Very Poor, 5 = Excellent)

Fees and Registration

  • Self-Study Course Fee: $25 (refundable within 60-days of sign-up)
    • Online registration using PayPal via debit/credit card or check
    • After payment you can click to print a receipt. Be sure to click on the Return to Merchant button to get guidelines to complete the course efficiently or click link at 3rd bullet below
  • Registration using check or money order, download, type info and print registration form
  • Click here for the "Thank You for Signing Up" web page with some extra instructions for completing the course efficiently

Need for the Course

The DHHS Secretary’s Healthy People 2020 Advisory Committee states in its Phase I Report that “Healthy People 2020 should assist . . . . Finally, it should offer guidance and direction to stakeholders at all levels, including local communities, and should redirect our attention from health care to health determinants in our social and physical environments.” Additionally, Healthy People “. . .  encountered challenges . . . . Some have said this resource is not easy to use; many potential users are not aware that it exists.”

Health educators should be ready to be resource persons on Healthy People 2020 since the intended users are intended to be from a wider range than just public health community. The Advisory Committee’s Phase I Report states this in the Executive Summary: “Members of the public health community—especially federal, state and local health agencies—have traditionally been viewed as the primary audiences for Healthy People. The Advisory Committee proposes that Healthy People 2020 be designed for use by a wider range of key user groups in both the public and private sectors. Tailored messages and products are needed to make Healthy People useful for this expanded audience-base, which should include the general public, voluntary organizations, faith-based organizations, businesses, health care providers, decision-makers, researchers, community-based organizations, grass root advocates and other sectors whose actions have significant health consequences.

In the Advisory Committee’s paper on operationalizing the determinants of health it states ways to implement Healthy People 2020 can Address Social Determinants of Health include providing technical assistance in the form of short courses, web-based training, and/or conference sessions that guide users on how to address factors in the social and physical environment through state or local programs.

Health Education Partners is a designated provider (SSP3235) of continuing education contact hours (CECH) in health education by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC). This course has been reviewed and approved 5.0 Category I CHEC for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) in health Education.

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Quality Indicators of Distance Education

  • Student-teacher interaction
  • Prompt feedback
  • Student support services
  • Program evaluation and assessment
  • Clear analysis of audience
  • Documented technology plan to ensure quality
  • Institutional support and institutional resources
  • Course structure guidelines
  • Active learning techniques
  • Respect diverse ways of learning
  • Faculty support services
  • Strong rational fo distance education the correlates to the mission of the institution
  • Appropriate tools and media
  • Reliability and technology
  • Implementation of guidelines for course development and review of instructional materials

Chaney, B. Eddy, J. Dorman, S., Glessner, L., Green, B., Lara-Alecio, R. A primer on quality indicators of distance education. Health Promotion Practice OnlineFirst. Oct. 9, 2007.