Using ACHA's Tripod

Improve quality of college health programs and develop healthy campus initiatives.

Matierials used for a presentation for the California College Health Nurses Association Conference 2004

PowerPoint Presentation (~1,350 kb)

Tripod Use Survey (Word File)

Step 2: Program Development Needs Assessment based on 1998 IHE Survey

Healthy Campus 2010 Retention & Mission Objectives

Information and Resources (Word File, Web Page)

Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education

The American College Health Association's

Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education (Second Edition, August 2004, PDF file)

Vision into Action: Tools for Professional and Program Development based on the Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education (2nd Draft, 11-09-04, Word file)

Step 2: Professional Development (8 sheet Interactive Excel Workbook)
Step 2: Program Development (8 sheet Interactive Excel Workbook)

The professional development component of this workbook guides individual health educators through a process of reflection, assessment, and development of an action plan based on the Standards.  The program development component provides a department, group, or institution with a set of indicators to assess organizational readiness and capacity to implement health promotion efforts that comply with the Standards and develop action plans to improve quality of healthy campus initiatives.

NOTE: the following is the outline and links are to the 1st draft prepared 10-31-04 through 11-03-04.

Introduction (Word file)

Professional Development

Practical Applications: Individual professional development plan, Annual or biennial reviews of professional performance, Certified Health Education Specialist five-year certification renewal, Registered Dietician Professional Portfolio development process. There are two files for Step 2.

Program Development

Practical Applications: Department strategic planning, Student Affairs Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) review, Supporting documentation for accreditation, Departmental and/or institutional resource allocation. There are two files for each Step used for the group presentation without access to computers.

Appendix (not available)

Standards for Graduate Level Health Educators

Adapted for use with HPRO 608 Advanced Seminar in Health Education at Loma Linda University from American Association for Health Education, National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc., Society for Public Health Educators

Policy Ideas for Promoting Health

Ideas for Tools for Assessments of Readiness for Program Development

Jim Grizzell, MBA, MA, CHES


Created: Oct 24, 2004, Modified Nov 4, 2004