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28 years of health education experience

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To help professionals, individuals and communities use evidence-based health promotion programs to improve living, working, learning and playing conditions.


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2.0 Category I (includes 1 advanced) CECH
NCHEC Provider # 100538

Continuing Education Self-Study Course

Social Marketing Overview                               2.0 hrs for $10.00

Continuing Education Self-study Course with 2.0 hours of reading assignments and audio files (mp3). Take the 10-question TF, multiple choice and short answer post-test. ($10, for 2.0 credit hours (includes 1 advanced), click here to view Fees (refundable) and register)

  • Easy and convenient: no deadline to complete, study when and where you prefer
  • Study Guide: key document to help you efficiently complete the course. Includes instructions, objectives, assignments, helpful hints, (PDF)
  • Goal: The goal is to prepare health professionals to serve as expert resource persons and communicate and advocate for health with the new physical activity guidelines.
  • Objectives:
    • Articulate definitions and key concepts of social marketing
    • Describe how a manager can help staff use social marketing
    • Describe uses of upstream social marketing
  • NCHEC Participant Course Evaluation Summary (PDF, from social marketing self-study course)
    • Overall Quality of Course: 4.8 (1 = Very Poor, 5 = Excellent)

Fees and Registration

Additional Social Marketing Courses and Resources

Social Marketing (Definition) Skills Training and Practical Application

Select the best of 2 options for you to learn how to do social marketing and earn 10.5 CECH CHES CEUs

Course Materials, Resources, Guides, Examples

Fees and Registration

  • Self-Study Course Fee: $25 (printable receipt, refundable*)
    • Online registration using PayPal via debit/credit card or check
  • Program Development with Mentoring/Coaching Fee: $135
    • Online registration using PayPal via debit/credit card or check
  • Registration using check or money order, download and print registration form

Need for the Course

Franks,et al state that “Practitioners’ lack of sufficient training in more systematic approaches to priority setting and program selection serves to perpetuate a reactive style of public health practice.” Specific to social marketing they state “Its use as a tool in public health has been growing although many in the field have incomplete understanding of its techniques, its proper use, or its potential benefits.” Additionally, a survey of 40 health educators and registered dietitians working in the military found that only about one-third and formal academic education, one-third had professional experience in social marketing. They rated themselves at an expertise level of 2.8 on a scale of 5 with 5 being very good. A third had no training and others had had a class session or workshop on social marketing.

Survey of Education and Training in Social Marketing: Take a 10 question 5-minute survey that can add to the knowledge about education and experience in social marketing. CLICK HERE.

Health Education Partners is a designated provider (designation letters, pdf) of continuing education contact hours (CECH) in health education by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC). This course has been reviewed and approved 2 Category I CHEC for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) in health Education.

Definitions of Social Marketing

"A process for influencing human behavior on a large scale, using marketing principles for the purpose of societal benefit rather than commercial profit." - William Smith, Executive Vice President, Academy for Educational Development.

"The consumer-driven application of marketing principles and techniques to program development, implementation, and evaluation in an effort to promote change or modification in health behavior." - from Dictionary of Public Health Promotion and Education: terms and concepts by Naomi Modeste and Teri Tamayose.

"...the application of marketing technologies where the bottom line is behavior change." - from Marketing Social Change by Alan Andreasen.

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Quality Indicators of Distance Education

  • Student-teacher interaction
  • Prompt feedback
  • Student support services
  • Program evaluation and assessment
  • Clear analysis of audience
  • Documented technology plan to ensure quality
  • Institutional support and institutional resources
  • Course structure guidelines
  • Active learning techniques
  • Respect diverse ways of learning
  • Faculty support services
  • Strong rational for distance education the correlates to the mission of the institution
  • Appropriate tools and media
  • Reliability and technology
  • Implementation of guidelines for course development and review of instructional materials

Chaney, B. Eddy, J. Dorman, S., Glessner, L., Green, B., Lara-Alecio, R. A primer on quality indicators of distance education. Health Promotion Practice OnlineFirst. Oct. 9, 2007.

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Coaching - Student-teacher Interaction and Prompt Feedback

  • What is coaching?
    • One-to-one interaction with a highly trained Certified Health Education Specialist and CDCynergy Social Marketing Train the Trainer with over 28-years experience in health education, clinical health care and business administration. The coach will work with you to solve problems, insure understanding of concepts, find resources and tools, get additional tailored resources and tools to implement evidence-based, well planned and easily but accurate evaluation of program outcomes.
  • Who is the coach?
    • Jim Grizzell, MBA, MA, CHES, HFI
    • Using evidence-based health promotion for over 28-years
    • 10-years of experience teaching online stress management and consumer health academic courses. Coaching is conducted on the telephone through conveniently scheduled appointments.
    • Click here for CV (pdf)
  • When can I have phone coaching sessions?
    • You and Jim will determine how often your session will be
    • Monday - Thursday: 9 am and 9 pm Eastern
    • Friday: 9 am - 5 pm Eastern
    • Saturday and Sunday: 10 am - Noon Eastern
  • How do I schedule and cancel appointments?
    • Schedule and cancel by email or by leaving a phone voice message
    • Use and (909) 856-3350
    • Live phone scheduling calls between 10 am and 9 pm Eastern
  • When will by email questions be answered?
    • Email questions will be responded to within 48 hours on weekdays and weekend requests by Tuesday morning.

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CDCynergy's Competitive Advantage

  • Extremely pre/post tested
  • Distills comprehensive best practices
  • Vetted by major players in social marketing
  • Over 700 resources
  • CDC originated
  • Use CDCynergy for funding requests
    • Looked on very favorably!!
  • Recognized nationally and internationally

BLUF - Bottom Line / Up Front, "Elevator Talk:" get your points across in less than 5 minutes or the time it takes to go 4 floors in an elevator

Franks AL, Brownson RC, Bryant C, Brown KM, Hooker SP, Pluto DM, et al. Prevention Research Centers: contributions to updating the public health workforce through training. Prev Chronic Dis. 2005 Apr Accessed on Aug 11, 2007. Available from: URL:

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* Refund Policy

  • Full refund if payment was 1) electronic at the PayPal sign up link, r2) equested within 60 days of sign up and 3) completion certificate and credit hours not awarded
  • Partial refund (course fee less $10 processing fee) if
    • 1) payment was electronic at the PayPal sign up link, 2) not requested within 60 days and 3) completion certificate with credit hours was not awarded or
    •  1) payment was not through PayPal (i.e., check, money order sent with printed registration form) and 2) completion certificate and credit hours were not awarded
  • No refund at anytime after signup with payment if a completion certificate and credit hours have been awarded