Hello RD, DTR, CHES or MCHES Participant -


Thank you for signing up to take the Commission for Dietetics Registration and National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) approved RD, DTR, CHES/MCHES continuing education  self-study self-paced and online course on using the social marketing approach in health promotion program planning.


Feel free to send email to clarify course requirements and tell me about problems you may have while doing the course. Please remember that you will need to take that 30 question test and pass with a score of 70% or greater. Also, NCHEC requires each participant to complete an evaluation. Both must be completed to get the 10.5 CECH certificate..


The web addresses are:


Social Marketing Education and Experience Survey - Please consider completing this 10 question assessment prior to starting the course materials. It is not a required.



Self-Study Guide (be sure to use this to make it easiest to go through the course)



Test Your Knowledge (pdf form, the 30-question test, pass with at least 70% correct)



Course Evaluation



One participant described her approach to going through the course and studying the materials. You may find it helpful. 

“During the Intro and each Phase, I took notes on the key concepts. I made sure to answer the practice question at the end of each step, made sure I understood the answer and took notes about the question.  I reviewed my notes at the end of all the phases and used these to help me as I completed the course assessment. This made the course assessment very manageable.”

Please do contact me if you have any questions or difficulties. I want this to be a great learning experience for you. You might bookmark this page for future reference but do feel free to email me for help.


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Online Health Reform Bills Self-Study Courses

Online Self-Study Course - 5.0 CECH, Fee $25

Online Webinar - 1.0 CECH, $15

www.healthedpartners.org/ceu/hr and www.healthedpartners.org/healthreformwebinar

NCHEC Provider #s SSP2434 and SSP 2435


C - 909-856-3350

E - jvgrizzell@csupomona.edu, grizzell@gwu.edu, jimgrizzell@healthedpartners.org

W - https://experts.csupomona.edu/expert.asp?id=481 

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