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Frequently Asked Questions

I am unsure of what the "MyPlan" and "MyModel" are?

These are the two planning tools used in CDCynergy which would take you through 1) each phase or step of planning a program through evaluation and 2) help you see the problem and solution(s) with a logic model. Here is the text from the web page. The MyPlan will seem complicated at first but so please scan through it and I will provide guidance for its use.

MyPlan - (Word) helps you collect information and plan using Phases and Step in CDCynergy - a starter document that contain outlines of a social marketing plan. Contains step by step guidance that will be useful in writing a plan

MyModel - (Word) a Logic Model that helps you identify target audiences, behaviors to change, exchanges/benefits, strategy and interventions in a concise format. a starter document that contain outlines of a social marketing plan. Contains step by step guidance that will be useful in writing a plan

From our experience with the Air Force health educators they did need the phone and email "coaching." That is why I will give you at least 3 hours of phone time and unlimited emails to be a "coach" to answer questions about anything to use CDCynergy's social marketing approach to conducting a health promotion program. Definitely ask many questions and adapt to your situation.

I work full time and am willing to dedicate a few hours each week to this course, but I don?t want anything that is going to be too labor intensive. Can you also give a more specific breakdown of each week's work and how many weeks there are to the program?

The labor is identical to that you would normally do to develop a health promotion program. You can use the "course" on your own time line and adapt it to fit the amount of resources (time, staff, etc.) you is very individualized, just like to situation for Air Force health educators. So the process of developing a health promotion program will vary depending on the health problem you'll work on. Typically a good program no matter what planning approach you use may take 2-months to possibly 12-months to develop, implement and evaluate.

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I am very interested in this class and I look forward to your clarification of the class, when the sign up date is, and if you think that this would be beneficial for my position.

The the class is "on demand." Once you sign up I will work with you individually like an academic course that is independent study. I believe this will beneficial to your position.

Would you consider doing the 5-10 minute long survey I have about education and experience in social marketing at this link:

Survey of Education and and Experience in Social Marketing

This will give me a better idea of your needs (i.e., social marketing's defining the problem and market research phases).

To give you the 10.5 CEUs for CHES I would like to see you use and adapt MyPlan and MyModel plus try to make the staffing, background paper and PowerPoints based on your own personal experience and education to get your degree and CHES certification. Those last three items do not need to be in exactly the form I have on the web page but are to be presentations you would give to your manager(s) for approval of the program you develop.

I currently have a version of CDCynergy from 2000 and was wondering what version of the CDCynergy program you are using for this class? Will my version work, or is there a newer version available? If it is a different version, by what methods will we be able to obtain it? Would it be included in the cost of the class, or for separate purchase? Thanks in advance for your time.

There is a new version. It is CDCynergy Social Marketing Edition "version 2." It is much better than the old one. I got trained as a trainer here is DC last Fall while working with the Air Force's Health Promotion Operations. You would have to use the new version for the course and CEUs.

What is really nice is that about 2 months ago the entire new CD version is on the web free at:

You can purchase the new version if you like for $6.95 from TurningPoint.

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